Harness AI to Create assets in Various Artistic Styles

Finding your own style and standing out in the world of design can be a challenge, but with the help of AI, you can open new doors and explore creative territories in a more effortless way, allowing you to discover which style resonates with you the most.

In this post, we bring you valuable information and practical tips on how to make the most of AI to create designs in the surrealistic, abstract, and expressionistic styles. Explore the characteristics of these historic artistic styles and take note of the tips for crafting the best prompts for each of them.

Surrealist Style

Surrealism is an artistic movement that seeks to explore the subconscious and hidden realities. It is characterized by combining unrelated elements and creating dreamlike and surprising images. By incorporating the surrealistic style into your AI-generated designs, you can explore prompts that include:

  • “Unexpected Collisions”
  • “Amazing Transformations”
  • “Imaginary Landscapes”
  • “Floating Objects”
  • “Animal Fusions”
  • “Distorted Forms”
  • “Illusion of Depth”
  • “Contrasting Colors”

Let the AI unleash its creativity and generate surprising and unconventional combinations. Experiment with unusual elements like floating objects, animal fusions, and distorted forms. Play with the illusion of depth, contrasting colors, and intricate details to create surreal compositions that spark imagination and provoke questions.



Abstract Style:

Abstract art focuses on shapes and colors, moving away from precise representation of reality. It is a style that allows for free and non-concrete expression, where forms are simplified and colors are used to evoke emotions and sensations. By using AI to create abstract designs, you can explore prompts that include:

  • “Experimental Textures”
  • “Layer Overlay”
  • “Mixing Contrasting Colors”
  • “Unexpected Elements”
  • “Freedom of Expression”
  • “Emotional Communication”
  • “Evocation of Sensations”
  • “Unconventional Expression”

Dive into a world of possibilities. Generate abstract compositions that play with geometric shapes, abstract brushstrokes, and unusual textures. Experiment with layer overlay, mixing contrasting colors, and incorporating unexpected elements. Abstract art gives you the freedom to express yourself in unconventional ways and explore new ways of communicating emotions and concepts.

Expressionist Style:

Expressionism is an artistic style that seeks to convey emotions and moods through the distortion and exaggeration of forms and colors. It focuses on subjective expression and the representation of reality from a personal and emotional perspective. When working with AI to capture the spirit of expressionism, you can explore prompts related to:

  • “Expressive Gestures”
  • “Intense Colors”
  • “Emotional Expressions”
  • “Energetic Brushstrokes”
  • “Distorted Forms”
  • “Intense Emotional Impact”
  • “Authentic Communication”
  • “Personal Emotional World”
  • “Emotional Impact”
  • “Subjective Experiences”

Allow the AI to generate designs that break conventions and convey intense emotional impact. Experiment with energetic brushstrokes, contrasting colors, and distorted forms to capture the essence of an emotion or mood board. Expressionism offers you the opportunity to explore your own emotional world and communicate your experiences in a striking and authentic way.


Remember that these artistic styles are just starting points. Creativity and experimentation are key to creating unique designs, and AI provides powerful tools for exploring new approaches and discovering your own artistic style!