Freepik’s Contributor Gives an Isometric View on Vector Design

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from and do you have any hobbies?

Hello, my name is Fikry Muhammad. I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Magelang, Indonesia.  At the moment I don’t have any hobby other than what I do for a living, which is designing. But I have routine activities; 2 times a week I go jogging, as a lifestyle balancing.

 What made you originally want to become a designer?

I liked to draw since I was a child. Although when I went to college at first I studied English education. But then, in 2009 I lived in a boarding house that was mostly occupied by students from several art campuses in the city. Watching them creating and designing every day made me realize that I had a talent that had to be developed outside of my academic education. So from that moment, I decided to go back to learn drawing and design. This activity was then followed by an instinct to do business and work as a graphic designer. I started by working at a small clothing company as a t-shirt designer, and besides also offering my online services on social media.

 Has your work evolved since your first started designing and how?

Certainly! I started my career as a t-shirt designer, which was a lot of my works are an illustration that I worked on with Adobe Photoshop. And now my orientation shifts to vector illustration, with a view to meet the increasingly digital needs.

 What tips would you give to budding designers?

I think the first step they have to do is learn to explore their skill first. Maybe this will take at least 2 years, so they will also learn about the attitude in working and creating. I think this is very important for them so that they can be accepted by the community. If they feel that they have found a specific and suitable style, and they can enjoy it, then it’s time for them to learn about marketing, both digital and conventional. They can do this at the same time with the practice of doing business.

 Why did you want to work with microstock agencies?

I think the microstock agency is a fair marketplace for many designers to sell their work. They do not need to go through a complicated selection/requirements and approval process to get the opportunity to offer their works to customers. So far as their works do not violate the general rules, and they are needed by many people, they can get the opportunity to earn money from selling their works. Besides that the pattern that is applied in the microstock agency is also right, that is the smarter and harder you work the more money you’ll earn.

 What do you want to become a contributor to Freepik? What are the benefits of uploading your work?

I feel Freepik has high traffic compared to other microstock agencies. So the benefits that I get here also become bigger. The features available on Freepik also allow the contributors to be able to get greater opportunities to increase sales.

What advice do you have for designers who want to become contributors on Freepik?

I think they must focus on their specific style of works so that customers can easily find their products. Their style of works is their target market. They must also be aware of the happening trend season. So they can also easily find something they have to produce at that time. The rest, they must continue to work and upload their works to the website. With Freepik, every work that I make will definitely benefit to me and others. Freepik is the best microstock agency so far.

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