Freepik PROfiles: The Key to Success with Graphic Designer Mari Carmen

Our next Freepik PROfiles is featured by the Spanish graphic designer and Freepik contributor, Mari Carmen del Valle.

Mari Carmen runs her portfolio bizkette1 together with her partner and has proved to be a pretty successful contributor. They welcomed us to their home, and we had the chance to see their office, from where they create great content. We could get to know her day-to-day lifestyle and what it is to work as a contributor.

Practice makes perfect and she has learned that quality is the key to success. Keep reading to discover how she started this adventure in Freepik and how she became such a successful contributor.

Her Key to Success

Understanding what users look for is crucial. Users prefer quality, that’s a sure thing, so she offers it to them. Being constant is also a must for Mari Carmen. Creating quality resources is great, but it’s not enough. If you publish new content frequently, you’ll portfolio will be more noticeable for users.

But also, hard work is essential. Mari Carmen had the courage to leave behind a steady job position to follow her dream job: design. From that moment, she’s been designing full-time. She became a Freepik’s contributor and, now, has devoted herself to create new content and upload it to our platform. And she’s doing really well!

“It wasn’t an easy decision. It meant to leave behind a steady job and become a freelance overnight. Finally, illusion overcame insecurities”.


She tells us more about her story in the following video:

We hope that you find some inspiration in Mari Carmen’s story. It’s really motivating, and we all can learn from it. If you want to discover more inspiring stories of our contributors, read our previous Freepik PROfiles:

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