What do you think of our look update?

Well, it’s finally our time to say our goodbye to Piki and get dressed with Freepik’s look update. We enter a new era filled with excitement and ideas. Let us share some details of our new look with you.

Celebrate creativity with our logo

If you’re curious and have been paying attention, you will already know we’ve revamped our logo to convey the creative freedom and efficiency Freepik wants to empower people with. We’ve adapted the Freepik Contributor logo to capture the idea of “helping people create great designs faster.”

Let's celebrate our look update


Do you notice anything odd? Yes! The «i» in Freepik is placed upside down, almost like an exclamation mark. This symbol represents the joy you experience when coming up with a great idea.

And if there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it is helping you come up with new ideas for your content.

Infuse your creations with the Malaga light

Freepik Contributor’s new visual identity has also been built around our Piki blue. We’ve also drawn inspiration from our beloved city of Malaga, creating a vibrant color palette that ranges from deep, dark shades to popping colors. This contrast lets us bring our playful and bold spirit anywhere, sparking your imagination.

Nothing beats planning and finishing your designs with a deserved ¡olé!

Let’s keep on writing history with a different font

Besides our new logo and colors, we’ve switched to two new fonts to make every communication clear and concise.

Our new main font is Degular, a modern, timeless, versatile choice that can easily transition between font weights.

You will also be reading us with Inter, a font designed explicitly with computer screen readability in mind.

A bigger identity to fit a bigger goal

As you can see, this new era brings a noticeable visual transformation. But that doesn’t change our main goal, it just makes it bigger: to keep on helping you create and distribute your best content to the broadest audience possible. See you in the following article.

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