Freepik Company Announces First Freepik Space in Thailand

Today we bring you exciting news! Freepik Company is to stage the first Freepik Space ever in Bangkok, Thailand! The event aims to bring together contributors and stock professionals while sharing knowledge, networking and creating together.

Held at the Chaophya Park Hotel, Freepik Space Thailand will take place on the 29th of June. Around 300 photographers and designers will enjoy an all-day program featuring sessions on how to create commercial resources and to succeed in Freepik, among other topics.

It is the first year ever we organize the event, and we plan to host it every year in a different part of the world. We don’t know where the next one will be yet, but we let you know as soon as we decide on the location!

The event will be hosted by Freepik’s staff members, Preena Godhwani and Álvaro García, the company’s Account Manager and Growth Hacker respectively, together with Freepik’s ambassador Prakasit Khuansuwan. Also speaking will be photographers Tirachard Kumtanom and Natsicha Wetchasart, vector designer Mr.Boonkue Cherdpayak and icon designers Kan Kingpetcharat and Kanin Ambhirosawat—among others.

During the event, there will be different sessions hosted by our staff and other contributors who will be sharing their experiences and best tips for building a robust portfolio. The event’s sessions will cover a full spectrum of topics related to the graphic resources offered by Freepik and Flaticon, which range from photos and vectors to icons and PSD files.

Freepik Space is dedicated to educating contributors to create quality content and providing advice to maximize their profitability. Whether you work with photos, vectors, icons or PSD files, the event offers guidance on how to deliver quality content and get more downloads by optimizing the creative process and streamlining your resources.

Freepik Space sets the stage for participants to get to know other contributors experiences, build a network of professionals within the stock industry and get inspiration and ideas. It is also a unique opportunity for the local community to become familiar with Freepik Company’s best practices as well as to get to know the latest trends and techniques to succeed in our platform.

The event embraces everyone interested, whether they are already Freepik’s contributors or new in the stock industry. As we want all of you to be part of this unique occasion, don’t worry if you can’t speak English: all the talks will be translated to and from Thai!

If you live close by or are planning to travel and want to have a good time, join us in this creative adventure and get ready to spark your creativity! You can purchase the tickets for the event in the following link. Can’t attend the event? Keep track of our social media accounts for event updates.

To know all the info related to Freepik Space and stay up-to-date on the details of the event, click on the following button and go to our landing page:

Freepik Space Thailand