Freepik and Stockeros

We have something to tell you…we have a match! Yes, yes, we know Valentine’s Day is already gone, but love comes when you least expect it. And just like at that moment when you find a special person and you don’t want to stop making plans with them, we have done something very cool with our better half. And we are very glad to introduce you…

Freepik and Stockeros collaboration!

Made for our spanish-speaking community. But you know that when something is plotting, it is better not to tell it so that it turns out wonderfully. That is why we are going to keep you waiting a little bit more, but we promise you that you are going to love it.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the content that Stockeros has already published and that is full of tricks about creating and uploading resources to our platform.

But…what is Stockeros?

Stockeros is one of the most important stock photography training platforms in the world, the result of and, in which important names such as Santi Nuñez, Kike Arnaiz or Carles Navarro resonate.

From their academy they help you to turn your passion into your source of income. A source that does not depend on your clients but on the content you generate.

And it is that just as it happens with illustration and design, in stock photography we find the perfect way to live from our own work. You create, upload your content and receive your remuneration. It also gives you the ease of working from wherever you and your camera are. But you need to learn how to do it, and where better than in a place full of professionals.

What will I find in the academy?

  • Access to more than 300 masterclasses from the first moment.
  • Personalized portfolio reviews and support for any questions that may arise to facilitate the student’s process.
  • Two new masterclasses every week and a webinar a month in which you can talk to the speakers.
  • Stock community.

Being part of Stockeros academy is being part of one of the largest stock photography communities in the world. A place to surround yourself with people that spread knowledge and discover the best tricks to become a professional in this.

If you still want to know more about this platform (and believe us, you do), you can take a look at their social networks, where they are more than active and you can find very useful content for your work, so here we leave them for you. Watch out if you don’t want to miss a thing about this collaboration that will see the light very very very soon!