What’s going on in August

Saying that August is just around the corner might seem like an exaggeration when we haven’t even finished changing our wardrobes or renewing the swimsuits we wore to exhaustion last year. But nothing could be further from the truth. As a creator, you know that without planning well in advance, stress can easily creep in – especially with all the summer vacations in between!

That’s why we recommend getting as much content as possible ready so that nothing disrupts your moment of sun, beach, and cocktails wherever you plan to enjoy them.

International Youth Day

Get ready to unleash your creativity on International Youth Day! This annual event celebrates the vitality and diversity of young people worldwide, and we have the opportunity to capture that spark in our designs. From using bold and fresh colors to experimenting with innovative shapes and patterns, we can create designs that reflect the energy and passion of youth.

It’s also a great opportunity to incorporate visual elements that address relevant topics for young people, such as inclusion, equality, and creativity. It’s time to let our imagination soar and design unique and memorable pieces that inspire young people to express themselves and leave their mark on the world!

Pakistan Independence Day

Let’s celebrate Pakistan Independence Day with designs that pay tribute to the history and culture of this special country. We can use emblematic colors such as green and white, incorporate national symbols such as the star and moon of the flag, and represent the diversity and richness of Pakistani culture through visual and graphic elements.

We can also explore different design styles, such as traditional Pakistani art, Urdu calligraphy, or contemporary elements, to create unique and meaningful designs that capture the spirit of independence and Pakistani identity. Let’s design with pride and celebrate Pakistan’s independence in a creative and emotional way!

World Photography Day

World Photography Day is the perfect opportunity to explore the latest trends in the world of graphic design. We can draw inspiration from current photography styles such as minimalism, retro style, documentary approach, urban photography, or the use of vibrant colors and strong contrasts.

Seize this great opportunity to experiment with digital manipulation techniques, such as double exposure, layering, light and shadow effects, and the incorporation of contemporary graphic elements such as emojis, gifs, or icons. Let’s dive into the latest photography trends and create modern and avant-garde designs on this day!

World Dog Day

There are many of us who get especially excited about this day.

Ket’s play with our imagination and explore innovative ideas for our designs. How about using digital illustration techniques to create dogs with geometric shapes or pop art style? We can experiment with vibrant colors and interesting patterns to give our designs a unique touch. We can also incorporate surprising graphic elements such as speech bubbles with funny dog thoughts or merge dog photos with elements of pop culture to create fresh and surprising designs.

Another good idea is to innovate with typography and create custom letters that reflect the personality and character of our furry friends.

World Cosplay Day

This is the perfect time to dive into the world of fantasy and imagination and create cosplay designs that are truly spectacular.

While we can’t use famous or recognizable faces, logos, or characters, we can draw inspiration from our favorite video game, movie, TV series, or comic book characters and give them our personal touch. We can also experiment with different graphic design techniques, such as digital illustration, image manipulation, texture and color combinations, and the creation of costume and accessory elements. We can also explore the latest trends in the world of cosplay, such as the use of special effects, the incorporation of augmented or virtual reality elements, or the creation of futuristic and avant-garde designs.

So, which event inspires you the most?