“Diversity” Freepik Challenge Winners

If we want to make a change in the world, we have to work hard for it to happen.

Undoubtedly, we live in a time when multiculturalism is winning over racism, we are managing to put a stop to homophobia, and disabled or “elderly” people have ceased to be marginalized social groups thanks to showing us every day that limits are in the mind of those who believe they exist. The changes are coming.

But every move counts and that is why in this first Freepik Challenge the theme has been “diversity”. With a range of possibilities as wide as all that remains to be done for the world to become the inclusive place we all dream of.

Thank you for participating and telling us your stories in each of the photographs, and congratulations to the winners!

First place @etonastenka

Second place @artem_varnitsim

Third place @beshenayabelka

Annual subscription winners






The winners will get their prize the next month, and those who have been chosen to enjoy the annual subscription will have it activated in the next few days.

This challenge is the first of many, so stay tuned to all our networks to find out what’s next, participate and be one of the winners of the next Freepik Challenge.