Dashboard news!: Stats

There is a great strategy behind every great result. And the more tools we have to develop this strategy, the more time to spend on what we really love. Creating. 

This is why we have reinvented our Contributor Dashboard like you told us to do, releasing a new way to know the results of your work and optimizing its performance.

Learning how to use it is as simple as knowing how to click a button. You just have to access your dashboard like you normally do and click on the data you want to know more info about.

But, what are those useful tools that are going to help you so much? Here you have them.


First, you will be able to have a global vision of your work with just one look, discovering more about your downloads and earning. This is essential if you want to know your evolution. This way you can compare what moment and images have reached the most success, when you have been stable and where you can still get better.

And if you need to analyze a specific moment to find out the reason for this chart (something we recommend in order to develop a much more detailed strategy), you will have the help of filters by weekly, monthly, annual or custom range dates. To select the one you want, you just have to slide the cursor over the graph or select the button of the preconfigured dates.

In addition, every time you select a period, the results in downloads and earnings will be automatically displayed with the previous one so that you do not lose the global vision at any time.

Resource types

But of course, not all the files you upload have the same impact on your strategy. Therefore, to make it even easier for you (if possible), at all times they will be separated by types of Free or Premium resources. A more than useful tool to find out what kind of monetizable resources the Freepik user demands so you can draw up a strategy around it. 


We know you are always in different places. So any time is the ideal one to take a look at your statistics and you obviously don’t always carry your laptop with you. That is why the mobile and tablet version is more than ready so that its use is as easy and optimized as in any other device.

Remember that you can download your results in different formats using the enabled button on the panel.

But no matter what we say, the best way to understand something is always to try it. That’s why we encourage you to take a tour through your panel and discover the amount of interesting data you can get in a moment.

We’ll be coming back soon with much more!

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