Check your content’s performance with our assets report

Accessing the most relevant information on your content’s performance has been one of the main requests of the contributor’s community. And now, after we have gotten our hands on it, you can finally access that information within seconds.

One click, endless information

You’ll find a CSV downloadable file at the top right corner of the General label, under the Stats section. This report contains your content’s monthly performance, with data available from January 2024, so remember to choose an available time frame to download your CSV.

CSV content report 1

Once downloaded, you’ll be able to access all your content’s monthly insights. This file will help you better understand how the revenue generated by a similar asset can vary from month to month, depending on who downloads it. With this information, you can identify the content that generates the most benefits and plan your future creations accordingly.

Keep in mind that your most downloaded assets might not be the ones that are generating the most revenue. If you still have doubts about how the revenues of each asset are calculated, please revisit our revenue model here.

The data from your CSV file will allow you to:

  • Discover what type of content is generating the most revenue
  • Follow up your content’s month-to-month performance
  • Find out what content has a low performance

We know just how valuable time is for you, so we want to help you use it to create content that holds the biggest potential.

Download your CSV file in your contributor’s dashboard.