Colors of the 22/23 winter

If I say sweater, do you think of a bright yellow one or maybe chocolate brown? And if I say fur and blanket, what comes to your mind? phosphor pink or off-white fur? Either you live in a place where seasons don’t exist, or the second option is correct. And it is that each season has its aesthetics and, of course, its predefined chromatic range that begins to be seen in clothing stores, movies and even meals as soon as we go from one to another. Because a colorful summer salad is not the same as a warm chocolate with gingerbread cookies when Christmas arrives.

However, we like to innovate. That is why within each range, every year a new tone becomes the color of the season.

So if you are starting to prepare for the winter 2023, don’t miss out on what the quintessential colors will be!


Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute said: “The colors for fall/winter 2022-2023 contrast our competing desires for calm and comfort with energy that drives vibrancy through a range of calming and restorative colors, along with exuberant shades”. And we have so many versions of ourselves that why would we stick with one? We are used to associating winter with cold and soft colors, but that is changing. Of course we will continue to use those tones that remind us of cold, snow or hot chocolate. However, the trick will be to combine the soft tones with the most vivid ones, like the clear protagonist of this winter, an orange called Orange Tiger, which provides a lively and positive style to everything it touches.

Pastel colors

Pastel tones have been claiming their place in the ranking for years every winter. But the number ones are changing. While in past years yellow or green took first place on this podium, this year pink and blue take the lead. A pink and blue that we could call “baby” colors, since they are the typical tones that we associate with childhood and its sweetness.

Nosegay pink, can be combined with colors like white or purple, and Waterspout blue is ideal with shades like gray or brown, however mixed together you will get the sweetest result of the season.

But when you want to give your designs an intense night touch without giving up blue, you can always use the Midnight shade.


Is anyone surprised that green takes the medal again? We have been seeing it for months and months in every corner. Clothes, designs, decoration… and we love it. That is why this year three very different greens have taken the lead to offer you that range of contrasts that we have already talked about.

On the one hand we have a tone that reminds us more of winter, the Loden Frost. If we look closely we can see how it transports us to the tones of the fields of the season. A worn but vivid green that you can combine with white for a more sober result or with yellow if you want to give it a much more energetic and attractive touch.

We also meet Martini Olive, a tone that at first we may not clearly identify as green due to its predominant gray and brown undertones. It is a sophisticated color that you can combine with any earthy or neutral tone, but also with the brightest and most extravagant palette, achieving spectacular results.

Finally, make room for one of our favorite colors by far: Amazon. Something more discreet than the bright green protagonist of past seasons but with the same ability to capture all eyes. Do you want an explosive combination? Combine it with bright reds and yellows and see the result.

These are the colors we most expect to see this season, but the combinations are endless. Which one are you going to surprise us with?