Body positive: beyond stereotypes

Hey, we know that the fashion industry has been limited for too long by traditional beauty standards. But today, we all have the opportunity to change that. Fashion photography can be a powerful tool to break barriers and showcase true beauty in all its forms.

The Body Positive movement has gained strength in recent years as a response to the unrealistic and restrictive beauty standards that have dominated the industry for far too long. It emerged as a powerful force for change, challenging the idea that there’s only one “ideal” body type and promoting acceptance of all shapes and sizes.

Breaking the mold

There have always been brave individuals who defy the established norms. Back in the last century, we began to see the first glimpses of change. Models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence challenged conventions and became prominent voices of the Body Positive movement. Their courage and determination to redefine beauty standards have inspired countless people to accept and love themselves just as they are.

Today, more than ever, we’re witnessing an incredible variety of bodies and styles represented in the fashion industry. Models like Paloma Elsesser and Jill Kortleve have conquered runways and advertising campaigns, defying traditional standards and paving the way for greater inclusion in the industry.

Body positive

And leaving a lasting impact

There are also photographers who have dedicated themselves to capturing the essence of diversity and inclusion in their work. These artists have used photography as a powerful tool to celebrate beauty in all its forms and sizes, conveying a message of self-love and acceptance.

One outstanding example is the talented Canadian photographer, Petra Collins. Her fresh and authentic approach has been instrumental in showcasing the unique beauty of non-conforming individuals. Through her lens, Petra has captured images that defy stereotypes and showcase diversity in all its splendor. Her photographs inspire people to love themselves and challenge the restrictive norms of the fashion industry.

Another remarkable figure is Olivier Rousteing. As the creative director of the iconic brand Balmain, Rousteing has led the way by including models of different sizes and ethnicities in his campaigns. His photographs celebrate diversity and beauty in all its forms, challenging conventional industry standards.

Now, let’s dive into some practical tips for your photoshoots:

  1. Perfect lighting: Use lighting strategically to highlight the unique features of your models. Play with soft lights and shadows to create an atmosphere that enhances each person’s individual beauty.
  2. Focus on details: Capture the details that make each model special and unique. You can emphasize their eyes, lips, waist, legs, or other elements that help convey their personality and unique beauty.
  3. Natural and dynamic poses: Encourage your models to adopt natural and comfortable poses that showcase their confidence and authenticity. Avoid rigid poses and strive for fluid and spontaneous movements.
  4. Inclusive wardrobe: Choose garments that are inclusive and adapt to different body types. Explore different styles and trends to showcase diversity in fashion and highlight beauty in all its forms.
  5. Create a safe environment: Ensure that the atmosphere of your photoshoot is inclusive and respectful. Make your models feel comfortable and empowered so they can show their true essence.

Very different beautiful girls are standing in swimsuits and smiling. Vector illustration on the theme of body positivity and lettering.

Remember, you’re a fundamental part of this story of change. Keep photographing with passion and love, and let your images speak for themselves. Together, we can break down barriers and build a fashion world that is more inclusive and empowering.