Best Tasty Food Campaign assets

We have tried to write this post more than once, twice, and three times. But every time we started to do it, we got so hungry that we immediately got up to see what was in the fridge.

Although we never found anything even close to the delicious dishes that you have designed 🤤.

Directly from the best kitchens in Asia and Latin America, here come the top assets of the Tasty Food🍴 campaign.


There are some photos that you can almost smell. From curries straight from India to the warmest ramen dishes comforting for winter. If you’re hungry, don’t look!

Asian ramen soup with meat, homemade noodles, mushrooms and pickled egg. Photo for the restaurant menu
Homemade Chickpea and Spinach Curry with White Rice
Stir fried sweet and sour sauce with pork and vegetable

Can Asian Food be cuter? See it for yourself:

Chinese cuisine. Dragons beard candy and tanghulu. Wok, peking duck, dumplings, wonton, fried noodles and rolls. Asian food Mapo tofu, rice. Vector icons set of Chinese food
3d Chinese traditional mooncake

If you came across these PSDs in the window of any restaurant, how many seconds would it take you to walk in and order the entire menu from top to bottom?

Latin America

If there is something we love more than food, it is home cooking. That one that reminds us of home and seems to be made in the most traditional kitchens of each country. These are coming from homes all over Latin America to make us salivate.

Close up of hands preparing hallaca or tamale. Traditional food concept
View from above of a female cook stirring the preparation of dulce de leche in the pot to prepare homemade Argentine alfajores while drinking “yerba mate tea”. Concept of traditional, regional food.

If Latin American food could speak, it would tell us that it is proud to be Latin American. And that’s what some of our contributors have tried to do. Take a look at these fun characters.

We love an offer, but if it’s Latin American food, we go crazy, and even more if they are advertised with these striking designs that we can’t escape.

We don’t know how our collaborators have been able to finish such beautiful designs with the hunger they give just by looking at them. But thanks to them, we already have more delicious assets of gastronomy as rich and varied.

We encourage you to keep uploading your #asianfood and #latinamericanfood designs and making our mouths water!