Get your backpack ready and infuse creativity into your comeback

The sun is shining, the leaves are falling, and a new school year is about to begin. It’s the perfect time to let your imagination soar and bring your creative ideas to life. With the excitement of a child, grab your pencils, tablets, and notebooks, and let’s dive in!

Lavender, apricot, and lime/euphoria colors

These vibrant and energetic tones are the perfect choice to breathe life into your school designs. Lavender evokes calmness and serenity, apricot immerses us in a warm and cozy feeling, while lime/euphoria transports us to a world full of vitality and joy. Imagine how these colors can transform your projects, from posters and brochures to illustrations and presentations, adding a touch of freshness and vitality to each creation.

Classmates Friends Bag School Education


A journey through time. As we prepare for the return to school, we can’t help but look back and reminisce about special moments from our own school experience. Inspired by retro aesthetics, we can blend nostalgic elements with modern touches to create unique and captivating designs.

Explore the magic of retro and mix classic elements with a contemporary approach. Play with patterns, colors, and typography that pay homage to past decades while adding a touch of freshness and originality. Let your designs be a celebration of nostalgia and evolution!

“Home is a feeling”

School is much more than a physical place; it’s a refuge where our ideas find their voice. It’s a space where we learn, connect, and feel part of a community. As you dive into the back-to-school season, strive to capture that sense of belonging and warmth in your designs.

Draw inspiration from the concept of “home is a feeling” and convey it through your illustrations, logos, and visual elements. Use cozy colors, such as earth tones and warm hues, to convey that sense of comfort and familiarity. Add graphic elements that represent connection and unity, creating designs that reflect the very essence of the school community.

Hand-written and school fonts

Typography plays a crucial role in the visual communication of your designs. For the back-to-school season, experiment with hand-written and school fonts that add an authentic and playful touch to your projects. From letters that appear chalk-written to fonts inspired by old textbooks, choose the ones that best fit the style and message you want to convey. Combine different lettering styles to create eye-catching headlines and impactful messages that capture your audience’s attention.

Get ready for the back-to-school season with designs that express the essence of your creativity and make you stand out from the crowd! Let your imagination run wild and make each project a masterpiece that conveys emotions and evocations. The power of your ideas is ready to shine in the back-to-school season!