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It’s a good time for a change.

Get in the back-to-routine spirit and boost your downloads.
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Combine the main tag choosing at least one option of each box

Example: if you submit a vector, use the main tag “school” together with one tag of the box below. i.e.: #school #timetable



Bonus for vectors


*100 resources


*250 resources


*400 resources



Bonus for photos


*200 resources


*450 resources


*800 resources



Bonus for PSDs


*60 resources


*150 resources


*300 resources

*This campaign is exclusive to Pay per Download model. Valid for files uploaded between July 15th and August 16th.
The payment of the bonuses will be added to the September invoice (This invoice will be paid in November).

If you have any questions please contact the team at support@freepik.com

Terms of Conditions to participate in the Promo

  • Tags combination of each type of resources must follow the previous specifications. Create combinations with the specified tags using the main tag together with one option of each box. In the case of vectors, use the tag #school followed by one of the following tags: #timetable, #banner, #landing. In the case of photos, use the tag #work followed by one of the following tags: #business #workplace #office. Finally, in the case of the PSD files, use the tag #school followed by one of the following tags: #notebook #template #scenecreator. Make sure you use the tags we specify; otherwise, the promo will not be valid. Please note that your resources must have a minimum of five tags.
  • The bonus for the Back-to-Routine Promotion is independent of the contributor’s regular earnings and the payment system varies. All contributors can participate in this promo.
  • All files uploaded for the promo will be marked as Premium and paid per download.
  • In this promo, we accept PSD files, JPEG (photos) and EPS+JPEG (vectors).
  • SVG (icons) are excluded from this promotion.
  • All content must be uploaded exclusively via the Contributor Panel.
  • The contributor has to upload a minimum of 100 vectors and/or 200 photos or 60 PSD and these have to be published (this means uploaded to their Freepik portfolio, and available for download). The resources must include the tag combination specified in this promotion.
  • The designer does not have to create a new account for this promo; you can upload it to your existing contributor account (remember it will be paid per download).
  • The maximum bonus a contributor can receive is 350 USD for publishing more than 400 vectors, 350 USD for uploading more than 300 PSD and 350 USD for uploading more than 800 photos. This promo is not accumulative. For example, if a designer publishes 600 vectors, the bonus is still 350 USD.
  • The maximum amount you can receive in case of uploading over 800 photos, 300 PSD and 400 vectors is 1050 USD. Uploading vectors, PSD and photos can be accumulative, however, the maximum amount paid for photos is 350 USD and 350 USD for vectors.
  • The designs need to be sent for validation in order to be published before the deadline (16/08/2019). No files sent after the deadline will be counted for the promo.
  • The payment of this bonus will be included in September’s invoice and will be paid in November.
  • The content published via the Contributor program is non-exclusive; you can redistribute the same resources on other platforms.
  • You can submit files as many times you want, it does not have to be a single submission. (For example: If you submit 400 vectors and Freepik selects 200 of these, you can still submit additional files; there is no limit).

We reserve the right to refuse to pay a contributor if:

  • He/she commits an infringement of the Freepik Contributor Terms and Conditions.
  • If the new contributor submits content outside the deadline (15/07/2019 - 16/08/2019).

General information:

  • There is no maximum amount of files a contributor can publish; once they reach the minimum amount of files he/she will automatically receive the bonus and can continue uploading more content.
  • Revision usually takes up to 15 working days, depending on the validation queue.